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October 2020

World Mental Health Day was marked on Korzo in Rijeka as part of the Promehs project. The project coordinator, PhD Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić, Associate Professor, commented on the increase in mental problems among children and youth, and gave an insight into the stage of the project - an online conference was announced and the course of cooperation with kindergartens and schools that will participate in the project was explained.

February 2020

Prof. Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić, form the Faculty of Teacher Education in Rijeka, and Lana Golob from the City of Rijeka have been invited to the Croatian TV show called Classroom at their local TV channel KanarR.

They described the PROMEHS aims, mainly to sensibilise principals, school teachers and parents about the project and abou the importance of mental health at school. They also discussed how the Countries involved in the project plan to implement the innovative curriculum in numerous schools across Europe.

December 2019

Prof. Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić, form the Faculty of Teacher Education in Rijeka, and Lana Golob from the City of Rijeka, presented PROMEHS to the Croatian public during the press conference which was held on 19th of December 2019 in Rijeka. The interview was broadcasted on 23rd of December by KanalR, a  regional and informative TV network.


In this video you can see Prof. Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić talking about the main goals of the project, emphasising why prevention of mental health is very important for children's well-being and why it's never too early to start with prevention and promotion of mental health. Lana Golob, on the other hand, emphasised the need to invest more in education and the value of the project for Rijeka.

December 2019

The Latvian team manager Baiba Martinsone was interviewed by the regional TV channel “ReTV”. She clarified what we mean by socio-emotional learning (SEL) and introduced the Project.

Then our partner from the Sigulda region municipality in Latvia, in collaboration with the regional television, filmed during a class at school our colleague Vineta Inberga talking about the PROMEHS project. Vineta described the goals of the project and showed some elements of SEL in class.

News in the Media

In January 2021, a newspaper article was published in Novi list, a local newspaper in Rijeka, entitled Implementation of the mental health curriculum in 17 institutions in the Primorsko –goranska County.

The aim of this article was to encourage parents to get involved in the project. The article explains the goal and purpose of the project and points out that the implementation of the curriculum in kindergartens and schools will soon begin. It emphasizes the role of parents, as they will be able to work with their children on mental health at home, with the help of the free manual they have received, and therefore raise the quality of their relationship with the child.

Latvian National Opening Conference (25th August 2020) publicised online by lsm.lv.

The full video is available here.

Latvian Radio channel LSM has interviewed our Latvian Project Investigator Baiba Martinsone on the importance of mental health promotion in schools (25th August 2020).

The Latvian Journal “School and Family" and the Latvian Newspaper have interviewed the Latvian Principal Investigator Baiba Martinsone on her work within PROMEHS

The fourth partners' meeting held in Rijeka, Croatia, in January 2020 has been reported in the local newspaper "Novi List"on February 4th.

This article talks about the Faculty of Teacher Education, where the meeting was hosted, and describes the research protocol and the curriculum implementation in schools that the Consortium discussed during the two-day meeting.

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