Meetings with Policy-Makers

June 2020 – Latvian Team meets the Vice-Mayor of Sigulda region municipality, the Head of Regional Education Board and the Head of the Regional Methodological Alliance.

On the 15th of June, 2020, the Latvian PROMEHS team members (project manager prof. Baiba Martinsone and project teacher Vineta Inberga) had a meeting with Vice-Mayor of Sigulda region municipality, Līga Sausiņa, The head of Regional Education Board, Sandra Tukiša, and the head of the regional methodological alliance, Vaira Siliņa. The meeting was held at the Municipality of the Sigulda region


The goal of the meeting was to update on the progress of the project, agree on the next activities regarding the organization of the national opening conference, and other national-level dissemination activities.


  • Main technical and organizational details of the opening conference on 25th of August were solved. 

  • Agreement on how to approach schools (individual contacts with school leaders, invitation letters, provision of PROMEHS booklets) was reached.

  • Online registration of participants has started. The agreement that streaming of the conference will be offered nationally.

January 2020 at Palazzo della Regione, Milan (Italy)

The Italian PROMEHS team co-organised a National Conference for teachers, educators, policy makers, social health professionals together with the Lombardy Regional Welfare Office.

The Conference, which was held on the 22nd of January 2020, has been a great opportunity to present the PROMEHS project to a wide and diverse audience, and to officially introduce our new and important collaboration with the Lombardy Regional Offices. We will be working closely with people who have been promoting health in school for a long time. We are confident this will help enhance the impact of our project even more.

November 2019 - Italian Team at the Senate in Rome

PROMEHS Italian Team (Prof. Ilaria Grazzani, Prof. Veronica Ornaghi and Dr. Valeria Cavioni) has been invited by the Senator Mrs. Bianca Laura Granato (VII Permanent Commission - Public Education and Cultural Heritage) at the Senate in Rome (Italy) to share with other experts ideas on how to promote mental health at school.

The meeting aimed at preparing a Conference on these specific topics that will take place in February 2020, in Rome.

November 2019 - Latvian Team meets Sigulda's Vice-Mayor and the Head of Regional Education Board

The Latvian PROMEHS team members (Prof. Baiba Martinsone and Vineta Inberga) just had a meeting with Sigulda's Vice-Mayor, Līga Sausiņa, and with the Head of Regional Education Board, Sandra Tukiša.

The goal of the meeting was to update them on the progress we are making within the project, to plan the implementation and the next research steps of the PROMEHS' curriculum, and to find appropriate ways to disseminate its results.

The following actions have been identified:

  • A National Opening Conference will be organised in August 2020 to present the project to teachers, parents and policy authorities within the Sigulda region, and beyond.

  • An interview with the project manager Prof. Baiba Martinsone on mental health promotion, social emotional learning and the PROMEHS project will be recorded and a local TV will broadcast it to reach a wide and non-technical audience across Latvia.

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